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Make Music Day 2023

21st June

A day to celebrate music with us! 

Music is the essence of life, and Make Music Day is about realising the power of music and sharing it with others so here at Coachworks we have an amazing afternoon of workshops and music planned!

Record a song!

There will be 3 two hour recording studio spots available to book through the day. 

Food & Drink Available

From 4.00pm onwards All our street food vendors and bars will be open

Children's music workshop

4.00pm-5.00pm - Making music and sounds - not from instruments

Thomas Green will host a wonderful workshop to explore ways of making music and sounds in non-conventional ways! 

A really fun and interactive workshop for children up to the age of 12


The workshop is free- we are asking for a small donation that we are collecting for

Find a Voice Ashford

6.00pm-7.15pm - (Adults and Children aged 12+)

Drumming workshop

A chance to explore the world of drumming! A workshop to teach the basics and then a small optional performance and the end of the workshop

Open Mic

Hosted by Lightbulb Studios. Come and play some tunes on our stage! Bring a guitar and your voice!


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